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Medicor - Centrul Medical
Analize medicale, Medicina muncii doctor

  Cabinet Obregia   Cabinet Sebastian
  Adresa: Bld. Alexandru Obregia, nr. 20, bloc 20 bis, sector 4, Bucuresti   Adresa: Str. Sebastian, nr. 136, bl. V90, apt.93, sector 5, Bucuresti
  Telefon 021.460.98.48, 021.460.98.88, 0726.77.76.76    Telefon /: 021.460.98.48, 021.460.98.88, 0726.77.76.76 
  Email: medicormedical[at]
programari [at]
  Email: medicormedical[at]
mm [at]
Cabinet obregia                                       
Cabinet sebastian
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